The world is your playground... shred it! This is the seat that every adventurous rider would be stoked to own. The maximized back support and ample seating area offer plenty of options for riding - or showing off - at a moment's notice.

Shown with Diamond seating area. Also available with Pleated Stitch, Basket Weave and our new Gripp Tape material - for when traction is needed! Many other custom materials and stitch graphics are available as well!

Shown on Street Bob.


Driver Seating:
11" Wide
Passenger Seating:

$548.00 // Diamond
$548.00 // Pleated
$548.00 // Diamond Gripp Tape
$548.00 // Pleated Gripp Tape
$525.00 // Basket Weave

Part Number:
LYO-590DM ['18-UP] // Diamond
LYO-590PT ['18-UP] // Pleated
LYO-590DMGP ['18-UP] // Diamond Gripp Tape
LYO-590PTGP ['18-UP] // Pleated Gripp Tape
LYO-590BW ['18-UP] // Basket Weave

California Residents: WARNING

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