Please indicate the model and year of your motorcycle when ordering your new LePera seat. Since LePera seats come in a vast array of styles, it is important to specify individual requirements for each seat ordered. If you have any specific needs or require customization, just give our customer service department a call at (818)767-5110 or FAX (818)767-0947.

All LePera seats are designed to fit OEM stock fitment this includes:
• Fenders
• Tanks (unless specified for Razorback or Ness)
• Tank Panels
• Battery
• Wires
• Back Rests (passenger only, our seats are NOT compatible with other brand driver backrests)


Please contact your nearest LePera distributor. If your distributor does not stock a certain model or if you need something custom, please do not hesitate to call us directly.


Seats that are purchased from a dealer, distributor, or online dealer must be returned directly through that company.  LePera cannot control what the dealer, distributor, or online dealer’s return policy is.  It is recommended for you to check what the company’s return policy is before you make your purchase.

Standard seats that are purchased directly from LePera can be returned within 30 days of the invoice date.  If you do not like the seat and want to exchange it out for a different seat there is no restocking fee, otherwise if you want a refund there is a 15% restocking fee.  A prior authorization is required before any product is returned.  LePera will inspect the seat to look for any damage to the seat.  If there is any damage to the seat there will be a restock or repair charge. Please note: there are no returns on custom seats.


We take pride in every seat that we manufacture. LePera seats have a one year warranty from original purchase date against defects in material and workmanship.  If you bought the seat through a dealer you must return the seat through the dealer.  If you bought the seat directly from LePera, prior authorization is required before any product is returned for inspection.  After receiving the authorization code, carefully pack the seat and return the seat to LePera.  Once the seat is received, LePera will inspect and evaluate the seat to determine if the damage is under warranty.  Damages not related to workmanship or material defects can be repaired for a fee.