How and where can I order my Le Pera seat?
• You can order your seats directly through your local dealer. Most dealers don't carry to much in stock because there are so many different styles of seats and bikes, however, they can usually help you find what you are looking for.
• If you don't have a local dealer you can order the seats directly through us via E-mail or by phone.

What is the difference between Bare Bones and Silhouette?
• The Bare Bones is a bit thinner and narrower than the Silhouette
• The Bare Bones has a little less padding in the back support than the Silhouette.
• The Bare Bones is one of the thinnest lowest sleekest seats we make.
• The Bare Bones has a more aggressive minimal design
• The Silhouette has a countered flowing design
• They are both designed to give your bike the ultimate sleek look, because of this, they aren't as comfy as let's say a Silhouette Deluxe or our other seats with more padding. The Bare Bones and Silhouette are basically designed for around town, bar hopping rides. People do ride longer distances on these seats, however, they are mostly designed for around town short distance rides.

Should I get the Biker Gel in my seat?
• The Biker Gel cuts down on vibration and fatigue, it will allow you to go longer distances; however, it does make the seat firmer.
• If you like a firmer more supportive ride, we would recommend the Biker Gel, if you want a softer ride we would recommend our standard medium density foam.

• NO. Biker Gel is an option that is available in most seat styles.
• Will the Biker Gel leak, freeze, or melt? No.

What is the difference between the Maverick and the Sorrento?
• The Maverick is a thicker, wider seat for both the driver and the passenger.
• The Maverick also provides more back support than the Sorrento.
• The Sorrento is a fusion between the Maverick and the Silhouette. It is not as thick and wide as the Maverick; however it is still a good cruiser seat.
• Both the Maverick and Sorrento will sit you lower than the stock seat.
• If you are over 6' check out the Maverick Daddy Long Legs, it will sit you 2" further than our standard Maverick.

Does LePera offer pillion pad suction cups?
• No. We do not offer pillion pads with suction cups.

What are your business hours?
• We are open 8:00AM-4:00PM pacific standard time. If you have any questions you would like to ask please e-mail them to us at