Change things up a little with some color and stitching!!

Changing the vinyl color is a simple way to get a great custom look for your bike. Our eye catching colors will make you stand out from the crowd.

Personalize your LePera seat with one of our Custom Stitch patterns. All of our stitch patterns are sized to fit each seat and stitched by hand! No computer operated machines here, simply good old fashioned skill, experience, and craftsmanship.

The Silhouette Solo shown features GK Light Grey Vinyl Seating with Black Vinyl Band with Inferno stitch in Black MSRP $330.00

More material options can be found here.

Please contact us for custom pricing here.


Seating Area Upgrade MSRP :
Starting at $20 + std seat price

Inferno Stitch MSRP :
$85 per seating area + std seat price

Additional Views // Custom Options